WELCOME TO P42MEDAI-powered platform for
safer drug design


Our approach

Exploring new molecules

de novo designExploring new molecules

Our tools design novel molecules that were previously out of reach and allow us to work in the areas previously not addressed.
Hypothesis-driven design

resource-lightHypothesis-driven design

Our automated scoring tools allow us to triage the resulting molecules and focus early on the most promising candidates.
Evading the risks ahead

cost-effectiveEvading the risks ahead

Our proprietary software allows us to avoid future costs by early prediction of pre-clinical and clinical stage failures.

ABOUT USDeep-tech solving problems of drug design

We started off as a start up with cutting edge drug discovery machine learning solutions for biotech companies. Diving deeply into biological mechanisms of pathology and biophysics that governs them, we had a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see how crucially important it is for the drug to fit an individual patient on molecular level that varies from person to person. We pivoted from helping big pharma cut costs and went straight for providing the patient safer therapeutics.

Our core team is ready to lead the way. We have shared academic and business experience of overcoming problems and challenging tasks that binds us together.

The team holds a unique composition of skills ranging from computational biology and biophysics to software development and data science. We worked both in development positions – for example making a prototype of the solution we present here, and in management positions, leading successful value driven teams.

BENEFITSDedicated to Providing Quality Laboratory Services

Novel drug classes

leveraging G-protein coupled receptors dimerization inhibition and their allosteric activation for pain management and therapies for neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases.

End-to-end pipeline

for semi-autonomous design of our novel biotech drugs, followed by their synthesis, and experimental in-vitro validation.

Safety optimisation

variations of the drug will be optimised for safety and efficacy for genetically homogenous subpopulations with machine-learning tools to ensure their wide availability.

Lower costs

Our automated drug design pipeline will allow us to lower the costs enough to allow for equal and fair treatment of a greater number of patients during optimization, and make sure the groups previously excluded will be supplied with an effective therapeutic.

Multiple innovations orchestrated

to deliver best de novo therapeutics

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